Access Over Ownership – Base Commons & GoGet
12:30 pm
Work Club Melbourne

While not owning assets has been standard practice for heavy machinery and non-mission-critical functions for decades, recently there’s been an accelerating trend towards outsourcing even day-to-day assets – business wise and in our private lives. In the on-demand economy, accessing is better than possessing.

The “Uberisation” trend is spreading to more verticals as technology is enabling delivery of services in a streamlined and cost-efficient way. It is far more cost-effective to share resources than invest in ownership.

Florence Guild will discuss access over ownership with some of Australia’s leaders in the on-demand economy. Meet GoGet and Base Commons and learn how they are taking the shared-economy to the next level.

Base Commons curates experiences and co-living spaces for a new generation.

GoGet brings all the joys of a car with none of the hassles.