Around the World as a Drop of Whisky – Ren Butler
6:00 pm
Work Club Melbourne

Whisky is the most complex, time-consuming and well-connected spirit of them all. This attracts a certain type of person to both produce and consume it. From irreverent Irish moonshiners to our very own Australian distillers, the global culture of whisky/ey is one of rebellious chemists, entreperuners and community builders. That’s something we’ll drink to! Join us for an evening of sensory story telling as we take you around from the perspective of a glass of whisky.

Where did humans first learn to cultivate the barley we now depend on for most single-malt scotch whisky? What gives whisky a smokey or earthy flavor? How many countries produce whisky/ey around the world? What are the cultural practices around drinking and sharing whisky globally? What is the future of whisky as the world changes? We’ll talk about all of these and then some. Bring your questions. Be prepared to nerd out. This is a whisky safe space to explore, taste, test and question everything!

Our events are designed to appeal to the whisky neophyte as well as the seasoned dram sipper. The only pre-requisite is an open mind and desire to learn (and hopefully drink a little bit). With ample, tasty food on hand as well as copious water drinking encouraged, we make sure you can enjoy all the lovely whiskies without being sub-par for work the next day. The Whisky Social is dedicated to encouraging diversity and inclusivity of the whisky community and beyond.

The Speaker

Ren Butler, founder of The Whisky Social is a passionate whisky teacher. She has been to dozens of distilleries, tasted hundreds of different whiskies and most importantly collected stories and adventures throughout her global travels. She doesn’t just appreciate whisky, she lives and breathes it.  Ever got lost in the Japanese countryside trying to find a distillery? Ever held a piece of a charred whisky barrel to scratch and sniff how a whisky is created? Ren brings these experiences and a deep knowledge of whisky history, old and new, to every event.