Australia’s Future: Do Ideas Matter? – Professor Roy Green
12:15 pm
Work Club Sydney

Australia faces many challenges, not the least of which is the transition to a post-mining boom economy. Yet old habits die hard, and governments at all levels and of all persuasions are clinging to a world we must leave behind rather than shaping the one we need to embrace. This is a world where ideas do matter, and can be translated into value for our economy and society. Are we up to the challenge?

The Speaker

Roy Green is Dean of the UTS Business School at the University of Technology Sydney. His doctorate is from the University of Cambridge and he has worked in universities, business and government in Australia and overseas. Roy has published widely in the areas of innovation policy and management and undertaken projects with the OECD and European Commission.

Roy chaired the Australian Government’s Innovative Regions Centre and CSIRO Manufacturing Sector Advisory Council, and he has served on the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Taskforce and as expert adviser to the recent Senate Innovation System inquiry. He was last year appointed chair of the Queensland Competition Authority.