Perceptions of Time: How Rhythm & Tempo Move Us Emotionally – Ben Romalis
6:00 pm
Work Club Sydney

Tempo and rhythm are well understood as musical, dance and sometimes sporting terms. But what about the emotional impact of tempo and rhythm? How might fluctuations in these concepts compel us to think and behave differently in everyday life?

At this uniquely interactive event, participants will be asked to grapple with these questions and many more. Live music, philosophy, hand-clapping, existential mind games, laughing (lots of laughing), wine, cheese, film scores, metronomes, choreography, cricket and business – it’s all connected through our perceptions of time.

The Speaker

Ben Romalis is a Sydney-based musician specializing in composition, performance, and musicology. He has a passion for creating new and interesting soundscapes both onstage and in the studio. Stylistically, Ben spreads himself across multiple genres and a variety of formats. His unique sound has been crafted over a 15-year period and is generated through combinations of Guitar, Dobro, and Voice. As a founding member of The Green Mohair Suits and Silamor, Ben juggles his time between live performances and recording sessions. To date, he has released two full-length albums under his own name, three as part of the Mohair Suits and creates compositions for Film and Television on a regular basis.