Tribes, Movements and Cult Brands: Lessons on Creating Something That Matters – Phill Nosworthy
12:30 pm
Work Club Sydney

Ours is a world of teams, tribes and movements. For as long as there have been humans, we have obsessed with the power and potential of the group. Now, more than ever before, smart leaders must know how to harness their own storytelling and tribe building potential to create something meaningful.

In this fireside conversation, join Phill Nosworthy to unpack lessons from the greatest movements the world has ever seen.

The Speaker

Phill Nosworthy is a researcher, Keynote Speaker and Co-Founder of Switch Learning + Development.

He works alongside brands like Microsoft, Universal Music and ING as a speaker, facilitator and social impact strategist and has been described as a The Meaning Maker – a unique professional who creates new paths for the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

Most importantly Phill is a Dad to Zander (human) and Chica (French bulldog fur child) and is still head over heals in love with the girl he fell for in high school. They live in Sydney’s northern beaches, spend around 100 nights a year travelling internationally and love camping under big starry skies next to raging fires.