Working Futures in the New Economy – Julian Waters-Lynch
6:00 pm
Work Club Melbourne

This talk will be about the future, technology, work and how we might organise it. Its structure will be in four parts:

  1. How should we think about the future? What conscious or unconscious stories do we project onto images of the future? How about the undergirding myths or narratives about working and non-working life that bring coherence to a new form of social organisation.
  2. What are some of the most disruptive trends when it comes to work practices and organisational life? Exponential technology trends (like Moore’s law)? Digital disruption and disintermediation. What about smart robots, machine learning and blockchains etc?
  3. What will these changes likely mean for work, learning and social organisation? What kind of work is resistant to digitisation and automation? What kind of skills are most resilient in the face of these changes?
  4. What are the implications for how we organise work and govern organisations? What are the core functions of an organisation as a viable system? How should we think about emerging systems of organisation (agile, responsive org, teal, holacracy etc). How might conventional forms of governance of organisations might need to shift in light of these changes?

The Speaker

Julian is an industry fellow in enterprise and innovation at RMIT University where he researches emerging forms of work and organising and their relationship with existing organisational and social theory. His PhD research was an ethnography of the early phase of Coworking in Melbourne. Over the past fifteen years he has found himself getting paid to play piano, translate Spanish, teach classes in primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions, mentor social entrepreneurs, run a startup accelerator, make coffee, design leadership programs, and host talks on work futures (not in that order).