The Art of Focus
The Antidisciplinary Future
  • 04-06-2018
    Future food: Will it be real enough for our tastebuds?
    Many utopian or space movies, particularly those made in the 60’s and 70’s, gave us visions of what our food supply might look like in the future. Small coloured and neatly processed pills or squares packed full of nutrients but with little visual appeal or large hydroponic farms in the middle of a spaceship seemed to be some of the more popular options.
  • 14-05-2018
    Is spending more money the key to increasing innovation?
    You often hear governments and organisations talking about their ‘innovation budgets’ – the money they have allocated for innovative projects that will take them to new and exciting places. However, despite the best of intentions, many organisations end up wasting a lot of this money without having much to show for it.
  • 07-05-2018
    Why you don’t need to be the boss to be in charge
    Have you ever had a boss that couldn’t manage a team? The sort of boss that everyone either gets frustrated with, hates or ignores? To give them credit, it’s not always their fault. They may have been promoted because they did their previous job really well then, they were put in charge of a team with no real training on how to best lead them.
  • 23-04-2018
    Why your team motivation strategies aren't working
    Have you ever wondered why none of the incentives you put on for your team seem to motivate them? Maybe you’re frustrated because they always have to be told what to do or they don’t show any initiative. Even when you dangle huge carrots in front of them, such as cash bonuses, nothing seems to change their long-term behaviour.
  • 09-04-2018
    How to use your plastic brain to change your behaviour
    Were you the sort of kid who liked to pull things like radios apart to see how they worked? If you did, you probably also discovered that they had to be reconnected in a specific way to get them to work again. Changing the configuration would only result in the radio being silent.
  • 02-04-2018
    Are you focusing on what really matters in life?
    When you are at a function and someone asks, “What do you do?” How does that make you feel? What goes through your head?It’s not an easy question to answer because, often, when people ask it, they’re really asking, “What do you do for a living these days?” They are presuming that you some sort of paid work and your answer will help them define you by some sort of category and they may (subconsciously) judge you accordingly.
  • 26-03-2018
    Why we need to stop thinking of the future in linear terms
    Did you know that today’s smartphones have access to more information than Bill Clinton had the entire time he was president? Or that the first digital camera had a resolution of .01 megapixels, yet today, you can get a 41-megapixel camera as part of a smartphone?
  • 19-03-2018
    How will the sharing economy affect retailers?
    10 years ago, many people thought the rise of the online economy spelt doom for all retailers. While this has happened to an extent in some industries (such as the book retailing industry), many of the traditional retail players are still around and thriving. In many cases, this is because they have embraced the online economy and found a way to merge the best of both worlds.
  • 12-03-2018
    Shared assets: Do you need to own the things you use?
    A generation or so ago, there was a widespread expectation that when we grew up, we’d get a stable job, get married, buy a house together, and live in the suburbs with a car or two to get us around. While we are certainly doing things quite differently these days, many of us still live with those expectation looming over us.
  • 04-03-2018
    Where do the opportunities lie in Australia’s FinTech industry?
    Let’s say you want to start a business in the prosperous Australian FinTech industry. Those already in the financial services industry might have some idea where to start, but what if your background is in another area and you feel opportunity calling? Where should you be looking?
  • 24-02-2018
    4 reasons to join Australia’s booming FinTech industry
    Danielle Szetho is the CEO of FinTech Australia. When she gave her talk, How Australia could lead the world in FinTech, at a Florence Guild event as part of the speaker series, ‘The Antidisciplinary Future’, Danielle shared these and many more fascinating insights into the trends and opportunities available in this fast-growing industry.
  • 17-02-2018
    3 steps to create a movement through your organisation
    Would you like to know how to make your organisation or brand a platform for change?In today’s world, people want much more from the organisations they deal with and work for than just products and services. They want to know what the organisations stand for and if they can engage with them and be part of the community that surrounds them. But, how does all this happen?