Intro: Upgrading our neurology for thriving in the 21st century – Frank Cuiuli
12:30 pm
Work Club Sydney

This 4 part workshop explores peak performance & flow states, in an interactive format leveraging leading sciences in NeuroPhysics, NeuroBiology and NeuroPsychology. This workshop is not just about providing research and case studies on what other people do, but rather enable you with practices to drive your performance in life to elite levels.

This workshop is aimed at those interested in advanced personal development and achieving a deep knowledge of the inner workings of our body and mind under stressful conditions. We will equip you with the knowledge on;

  • Movement principals that you can apply to anything
  • How to nourish your body and tools that can help you cut through all the noise and fads, getting back to basics and making decisions right for you.
  • How to prime your mind & body for learning;
  • Taking control of your mental state to improve interpersonal relationships;
  • Learn how to read when people are in their struggle, and how to navigate those interactions to achieve better outcomes;
  • Building an understanding of how our genetics can influence our dietary and physical training strategy to achieve sustained improved performance in life

As a participant of these workshops, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to take control of your own performance to reach your goals, armed with real science and studies that you can reference post workshop for your continued learning.


The Speaker

When it comes to Peak Performance and Flow Science, Frank Cuiuli is a leading practitioner.

Frank has been tested in combat and business. Having competed as a professional martial artist at elite levels, and building companies in the competitive High Tech sector, Frank brings 20+ years of acquired wisdom and successes. As a NeuroPhysics Therapist, and combined with the track record of performance provides Frank with a unique perspective and combination of skills that allow him to drive results for his clients in a manner that is difficult to match.

Popular presentations include: Sales as a contact sport, Entrepreneurs Guide to Peak Performance, Leading through complexity, & Scaling a high-performance culture.