Miles Davis, autonomous cars and the adjacent possible – Jacyl Shaw
6:00 pm
Work Club Melbourne 287 Collins

“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads…”
Doc Emmet Brown – Back to the Future.

We are about to truly become citizens of the 4th industrial revolution.

With a world of IOT, AI, Robotics, Big Data, Analytics Cloud (not of the cumulus variety) VR, AR – what is the role of the place in the innovation future focused conversation? Does place and proximity really matter?   Jacyl will draw from history and some of her work experiences to help shape a future-focused conversation of what is sincerely possible.


The Speaker

As Digital Innovation Lead at global engineering firm GHD, Jacyl oversees the creation and delivery of a suite of programs and activities to foster a culture of innovation and leads the engagement strategies for current and prospective partners in the community, government and industry.

Prior this Jacyl was Director Engagement at Carlton Connect- a capital and cultural transformation project creating an innovation district on the former Royal Women’s Hospital site. She has been a corporate lawyer, Supreme Court Judges Associate, worked abroad and started a few startups.

Jacyl is well known amongst industry colleagues for her enthusiasm and tenacity as well as her strategic creativity to ‘boundary span’ and create new interdisciplinary, multi-sector opportunities and benefits. She has a BA, LLB and LLM and a Masters (Enterprise) and currently sits on several boards, writes and tells stories to bring innovation to life.