Urban Brand-Utility: Impact Branding for the Urbanising Century – Sérgio Brodsky
6:00 pm
Work Club Melbourne 287 Collins

Aggressive urbanisation and middle-class growth have compromised the delivery of appropriate public utility services for urban residents’ wellbeing worldwide.

Enters Urban Brand-Utility (UBU), the emerging thinking and practice reframing brand communications as a catalyst for sustainable development via people-public-private-partnerships and radically innovative use of media.

UBU applications happen when brand communications touchpoints elevate their role from being mere messengers to delivering public utility services that supplement cities’ infrastructure, alleviating urbanisation’s growing pains.

By enhancing instead of interrupting people’s moments this approach is a response to the decay of the advertising model, offering the conditions for ingenious advertising to step up from eye-catching stunts onto an infrastructure of creative, urban resiliency. To enable a virtuous circle, cities would then arrange for tax breaks, rebates, R&D contributions or other types of incentives. This way, marketing budgets are effectively turned into marketing investment funds where returns are reaped by brand, monetary and societal metrics.


The Speaker

Sergio Brodsky (LL.M, MBA), internationally experienced marketing strategist, regular columnist at Marketing Magazine, scholar of the prestigious The Marketing Academy and Chairman of its Alumni program. Sérgio is a sought-after speaker regularly featured on local and international circuits. Sérgio began his career as an IP lawyer before pivoting towards brand strategy, media and innovation, internationally. He is passionate about cities, culture and the role of brands and technology in society. Follow him on Twitter: @brandKzar