Ep 02: Redesigning Democracy: The MiVote Intervention – Adam A Jacoby

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Adam A Jacoby

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About this conversation
Having spent five years redesigning democracy to better cater for the world it now needs to serve, the MiVote Movement has been featured in books, worldwide media and was a finalist at the Singularity University Grand Global Challenge Awards 2016. Widely considered the most robust democracy innovation in the world, hear from the Founder about why democracy is broken and how a growing band of global democracy warriors are taking on governments all over the world with a ten year goal of being the largest single branded political movement on earth, winning seats in 50 global parliaments and emancipating the voice of 3 billion people.

Conversation notes

  • What is democracy today? What’s the difference between democracy and politics?
  • What would democracy look like if it was a product created by an entrepreneur after the Internet era?
  • The probems with our current democratic system and the MiVote interventions to solve them.
  • Other democracy warriors around the world, common goals and differences with MiVote
  • The non-binary conversation MiVote proposes and how they write policy
  • MiVote chapters around the world and who supports it, from Hollywood to Silicon Valley
  • How fake news benefit the Trumps of the world and the importance of transperent elections
  • Why we need to change the model that has been serving for more than 100 years


More about Adam
Adam is a serial innovator with a twenty year global history of starting fast growth businesses. Outspoken and opinionated with a revolutionary bent, Adam has a Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and has studied at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University.

Adam’s start up footprint includes; IMS Sports, LifeLounge.com, Learning from Legends and the global Mummu group of Companies (Mummu Sport, Cycling & Talent) which were 2013 finalists in the Anthill Cool Company Awards (global category), #40 BRW Fast Starter 2015 and Top 10 in Smart Company’s Smart50 Awards 2015.

With deep expertise in fast growth business development, Adam was the CEO of BRW’s 2010 Fastest Growing Private Company (under $100M), Sportsnet Corporation.

Adam is the Founder & Chief Steward of political movement MiVote which was a finalist in the 2016 Singularity University Grand Global Challenge Awards.


Adam’s LinkedIn: Adam A Jacoby

Adam’s Twitter: @adamajacoby

MiVote’s website: mivote.org.au


“We’re still governing ourselves under the same model as 100 years ago. So the model in which we decide and make communal decisions was built for a world that doesn’t even exist anymore.”


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