Ep 08: Working Futures in the New Economy – Julian Waters-Lynch

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Julian Waters-Lynch


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About this conversation
How should we think about the future? What are some of the most disruptive trends when it comes to work practices and organisational life? And what will this mean for work, learning and social organisation?

In this podcast, Julian explores the different technologies disrupting how we work, and the effect they will have on organisational life.


Conversation notes

  • How should we think about the future in general?
  • Different ways of looking at the future. Preferences, values, and biases.
  • ‘We’ve been here before’ versus ‘This time it’s really different’.
  • What are the megatrends that will shape the future of work?
  • What do they mean? What are the possible consequences?
  • What are the social implications of these trends?
  • How should we respond to this individually, organisationally, and institutionally?


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More about Julian
Julian is an industry fellow in enterprise and innovation at RMIT University where he researches emerging forms of work and organising and their relationship with existing organisational and social theory. His PhD research was an ethnography of the early phase of Coworking in Melbourne. Over the past fifteen years he has found himself getting paid to play piano, translate Spanish, teach classes in primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions, mentor social entrepreneurs, run a startup accelerator, make coffee, design leadership programs, and host talks on work futures (not in that order).

Julian’s Linkedin:
Julian Waters-Lynch

Julian’s Twitter: @jwaterslynch

Spark the Change: sparkthechange.com.au


“The future is a series of disruptive trends. There are seeds in the present that we can look at and follow along an innovation and option curve that will grow to be big opportunities or issues in the future. We go back 20 years and see Steve Jobs coming back to Apple or Sergey and Larry forgoing their PhD program and starting Google … We would expect certain seeds in the present, like bitcoin and blockchain, to expand in the future.”


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