Ep 10: What AI can (and can’t) do – Toby Walsh

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Prof. Toby Walsh


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About this conversation
As AI is starting to make real progress, there is a large appetite to understand where it might be taking us. Toby Walsh, a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence, will help us understand why AI is making headlines today and why we appear to be making such significant progress. He will also discuss where AI might take us and what AI is not yet capable of, and probably won’t be capable of for some time to come. Finally, he will provide a panorama of what the associated societal risks are, and how AI is both part of the problem and most likely part of the cure.


Conversation notes

  • Why are we making more progress with AI now than ever before?
  • What are the current limitations of AI?
  • It will take a long time before machines get as intelligent as us, let alone more intelligent than us. Machines are very slow learners.
  • What can we do with AI now?
  • We will spend more and more time interacting with machines. AI is the operating system of the future. We will all benefit greatly.
  • One thing we should worry about very soon is the impact that AI will have on employment.
  • What’s left for humans if machines are also doing the cognitive tasks?
  • We are going to have to change our society in radical ways to deal with the change.
  • The future is not fixed. The future is the product of decisions we as a society make We get to choose the future we want to live in.


More about Toby
Toby Walsh is one of the world’s leading researchers in Artificial Intelligence. He is a Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of New South Wales and leads a research group at Data61, Australia’s Centre of Excellence for ICT Research. He has been elected a fellow of the Association for the Advancement of AI for his contributions to AI research, and has won the prestigious Humboldt research award. He has previously held research positions in England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Sweden.

Toby’s Linkedin:
Toby Walsh

Toby’s Twitter: @tobywalsh

UNSW: cse.unsw.edu.au/~tw/

Toby’s Book: It’s Alive! Artificial Intelligence from the Logic Piano to Killer Robots


“Life-long education is going to be the only way we keep ahead of machines. We have to ensure we have a society that ensures that everyone has the ability and freedom to keep on re-skilling themselves so that they keep themselves employable.”


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