Ep 11: Significant, Scalable, Sustainable Innovation – Olga Cuesta

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Olga Cuesta


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About this conversation
Engaging a crowd and transforming them into communities has become vital for faster growth in business. Innovative ideas and customer communities come to life because of how we engage with them: customer feedback loop, gamification, rewards systems, UX, CX, you name it.

Companies want to be innovative, but are they willing to take risks? And how much risk is too much?

Olga shares practical ways in which to start Transformational Innovation and create a customer community.


Conversation notes

  • What is the difference between innovation and invention?
  • Examples of great innovation that didn’t involve invention and why they worked.
  • Innovation is really about shifting behaviours.
  • What instigates the need for innovation?
  • Innovation comes in 3 forms: core, adjacent, and transformational. How do they differ?
  • It’s not just about the risks taken by organisations but the risks that we, as individuals, are willing to take. Organisations are made up of every one of us.
  • Success comes in creating something unique and delivering something you truly want to deliver.


More about Olga
After a number of rewarding years in international investment banking as Vice President of JP Morgan’s Global Technology team, she became an MBA Director with CEU San Pablo. Olga has extensive experience in building capability and engagement, influencing and consulting senior leaders and executives, most recently at National Australia Bank in NabLabs and currently at Medibank as Head of Customer Experience and Design.

Olga has always been fascinated by what drives people and the human mind, the patterns formed in our thinking and the impact these patterns have in our lives as well as the factors that create outstanding performance. This has provided a platform to combine her studies in Economics with Behavioural Science, NLP and Positive Psychology.

Olga’s Linkedin:
Olga Cuesta


“If you are not failing, you are not trying hard enough – not being risky enough. Not catastrophic failure but controlled, measured failure that allows you to push the boundaries in a safe environment. That is the risk – pushing to the limit but assessing. At that point, you learn and you iterate.”


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