Ep 15: Access Over Ownership – Base Commons & GoGet

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Justin Passaportis – General Manager, Victoria & South Australia at GoGet Carshare
Danielle Sampson – Director of Partnerships and Experiences at Base Commons


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About this conversation
While not owning assets has been standard practice for heavy machinery and non-mission-critical functions for decades, recently there’s been an accelerating trend towards outsourcing even day-to-day assets – business wise and in our private lives. In the on-demand economy, accessing is better than possessing.

The “Uberisation” trend is spreading to more verticals as technology is enabling delivery of services in a streamlined and cost-efficient way. It is far more cost-effective to share resources than invest in ownership.

Florence Guild will discuss access over ownership with some of Australia’s leaders in the on-demand economy. Meet GoGet and Base Commons and learn how they are taking the shared-economy to the next level.

Base Commons curates experiences and co-living spaces for a new generation.

GoGet brings all the joys of a car with none of the hassles.


Conversation Notes

  • One of the biggest challenges to asset-sharing is breaking down the concept that we need to own things. The concept works, but there is a huge need for behavioural and value shifts to happen first.
  • Early adopters are the people who are willing to let go of the closely-held idea of ownership in lieu of convenience. They are comfortable in just being able to access the resources they need as they need them.
  • Shared asset models are already established in other areas such as co-working spaces and membership-based software usage.
  • What underpins the sharing economy is the aspect of community and a better way of using some of the resources that we do have.
  • Car share exists as one complement in many as part of a transport system. Public transport should still form the backbone of the system.
  • The concept of the suburban house with the white picket fence hasn’t gone away. Co-living is not the answer for everyone, but we need to see how it can sit alongside the current development process.
  • The more people who share, the more likely we will have compassion and understanding in society at a broader level – about each other as human beings, but also about our belongings and what they mean to us.


Justin’s Linkedin: Justin Passaportis

GoGet’s Website: goget.com.au

Danielle’s LinkedIn: Danielle S.

Base Commons’ Website: basecommons.com


“We need to think intelligently about these things rather than just resting on the laurels of what’s been happening for centuries.”


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