Ep 16: Access Over Ownership – UrbanYou, Spacer & Car Next Door

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Noga Edelstein and Elke Keeley – Co-Founders at UrbanYou
Mike Rosenbaum – CEO & Founder of Spacer
Marty Newkirk – Fleet Manager at Car Next Door


Live Conversation


About this conversation
The 2-sided marketplace model and the On-Demand Economy are here to stay. The “Uberisation” trend is spreading to more verticals, as consumers become more demanding of “instant gratification” and technology enables delivery of services in a streamlined and cost-efficient way. It is far more cost-effective to share resources than invest in ownership. This applies to physical assets as well as labour.

Florence Guild will discuss access over ownership and the new 2 sided marketplace business model with some of Australia’s leaders in the on-demand economy. Meet UrbanYou, Spacer, and Car Next Door and learn how they are taking the 2 sided marketplace to the next level.

UrbanYou offers prescreened household service providers to busy professionals.

Spacer brings together people with space with people who need storage; i.e. Tinder for storage.

Car Next Door brings car owners together with car renters.


Conversation Notes

  • The sharing economy is now becoming mainstream. Many people are used to using Uber and Air BNB. Pretty much everyone, now, is doing it. That wave of change in consumer behaviour has allowed businesses like ours (Car Next Door) to flourish.
  • Mindset is one of the big things to overcome because of the fact that, in our society, at least for the last 100 – 200 years, individual ownership has been the norm, and everybody has always owned everything that they’ve needed to use.
  • It is possible to free people from the ‘one car, one person’ mentality. Cars sit idle 96% of the time.
  • The rise of reviews is both a benefit and a detriment to online businesses. Everyone loves to have a say. The danger is that businesses or contractors can live and die by their reviews.
  • The world is changing very quickly and some of the (innovation and regulation) laws were written without the internet in mind and without sharing economy platforms in mind. New sharing economy businesses are keen to work with governments to address changes in things like the Trade Practices Act and consumer laws. The industry does need some regulation around it because everybody would be better off if the guidelines were clear.
  • The focus is to keep things really simple, have options available, and to give the consumer the best possible experience.


Noga’s Linkedin: Noga Edelstein

Elke’s Linkedin: Elke Keeley

UrbanYou’s Website: urbanyou.com.au

Mike’s LinkedIn: Michael Rosenbaum

Spacer’s Website: spacer.com.au

Marty’s LinkedIn: Marty Newkirk

Car Next Door’s Website: carnextdoor.com.au


“With consumer behaviour, especially with the millennials, it is instant gratification that they want … and they are willing to embrace this way of being. Not long ago we were all too scared to use a credit card to buy a product online yet now we will go and stay in someone’s home overseas whom we have never met before. So, the on-demand phenomenon is not so much, ‘When is it coming?’ It’s here, and it’s expected now.”


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