Ep 20: Emotionally Intelligent brain hacks that can serve you better – Tiffany Gray

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Tiffany Gray


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About this conversation
Insights from the latest research in neuroscience can provide us with a pathway to more fulfilling experiences. Emotions have always been a tricky realm to navigate; until now that is. We now know how understanding the key operating principles of the brain – when used wisely – can be harnessed and utilised as brain hacks.

Our brain is constantly being seduced by our environment and as a result our brain changes in ways that we are mostly unaware of. Increasing your self-awareness, understanding your emotional states and learning to read the triggers will help you to take control and direct how your brain changes.

Take the opportunity to learn and explore how the brain puts out the call and how your mind decides whether to listen.


More About The Speaker
Tiffany Gray, Director at PRISM Brain Mapping Australia has had over 25 years working experience in leadership roles; specialising in leading sales, business improvement, human resource, organisation development and change teams.

Tiffany has supported her practical work experience with tertiary studies in Bachelor of Business (HR & IR), Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Service Management, Post Graduate Diploma in NeuroLeadership and a Masters in Applied Science.

Tiffany is active in finding new ways to enable organisations to change and develop. PRISM Brain Mapping holds the exclusive Australia and New Zealand license for PRISM – the most comprehensive neuroscience-based profiling tool. Tiffany is the only Australian accredited PRISM master trainer (1 of 4 globally). She can provide the latest in neuroscience developments and how to apply them to your work setting to improve business and leadership performance and to increase employee engagement. Tiffany works with leading-edge organisations that are committed to enhancing the working experience of their employees and gain greater bottom-line results. Her areas of expertise include leadership and team coaching and the strategic development and facilitation of change management, coaching, leadership and safety programs.


Conversation Notes

  • We spend a lot of time looking after our physical selves, without actually asking ourselves how we are from an emotional standpoint.
  • It’s important to understand how to regulate your emotions, understand where you are in the world and what that means for you.
  • Everyone works below the line, not everyone works above the line: the ability to make decisions, create, innovate, and focus our attention. Stretch yourself.
  • For each difficult moment or emotion, ask yourself “how can I reframe this?”
  • We have a physical and emotional response before our cognitive response comes to the fore.


Tiffany’s Linkedin: Tiffany Gray

Tiffany’s Profile: enhansenperformance.com.au/profile-tiffany-gray/


“Don’t ignore your emotions, embrace them. Acknowledge your emotions, step into it, own it.”


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