Ep 21: The Neuroscience of Leadership and Performance – Kristen Hansen

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Kristen Hansen


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About this conversation
Drawing from the latest neuroscience research, Kristen will summarise the findings in a framework called NeuroTREAD – how to think, regulate, engage, adapt and develop with the brain in mind.

Think – Interpret core brain functions and what impacts effective decision making.

Regulate – Recognise the brain’s emotional triggers, response to stress and build resilience.

Engage – Develop strategies to understand the brain’s emotional and engagement responses to build engaged teams.

Adapt – Lead teams effectively through change by utilising the brain’s “neuroplasticity” while recognising the resistance to and capability to change.

Develop – Develop the keys to the brain’s ability to learn and develop through a brain-based coaching technique and regular feedback strategies.


More About The Speaker
Kristen Hansen is the founder of EnHansen Performance, supporting managers to build leadership, resilience, adaptability, creativity, coaching, self-management and engagement skills Kristen draws from her Post Graduate studies in Neuroscience of Leadership and 20 years of management roles with major Australian organisations.

Kristen has been an accredited Executive Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Master Trainer in Emotional Intelligence and accredited in PRISM Brain Mapping. Kristen works with major corporations like Telstra, Google and NRMA in the areas of leadership, sales and performance.


Conversation Notes

  • Neuroscience adds traction to personal and leadership development, as it is underpinned by science.
  • We need to be in a reward state to optimise performance, rather than a threat state. It’s about asking “how do I get my both my own and my teams brain operating?”
  • Great leadership is about not only creating a positive self, but also an environment for others.
  • When you have a busy brain, you’re less likely to have those reflective ‘aha’ moments.
  • Help others gain perspective during conversations: ask them what outcome do you want, what thinking are you doing, what decisions have you made, what are you feeling?


Kristen’s Linkedin: Kristen Hansen

Kristen’s Website: enhansenperformance.com.au/


“Neuroscience allows us to make better decisions, regulate our emotions and ultimately, influence others.”


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