Ep 22: Beyond Engagement: How To Align Your Team With Your Mission – Mikey Ellis

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Mikey Ellis


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About this conversation
Companies do a lot of work and spend a lot of time and money on employee engagement. Whether it be surveys, workshops, motivational speakers and off-sites, it is believed that engagement translates to productivity and profit.

In this podcast, Mikey explores what’s worked and what hasn’t for Vinomofo, with a focus on what it takes to have your team truly engaged and aligned with the company’s mission.


More About The Speaker

Mikey is an experienced educator, facilitator and speaker specialising in human behaviour and building revolutionary company culture.

“Imagine if we could bring our true, genuine, authentic self to work, to do work that is an expression of our purpose – creating workplaces where this is the norm, that’s what’s exciting to me.”


Conversation Notes

  • Company culture is not something that is defined and upheld by a small group of people – all employees become co-creators of culture
  • As culture evolves, and we should allow it to do so, it needs certain frameworks and guidelines
  • Whether it’s defined or not in our mission statement or values, culture is what people ‘feel’
  • You need to have a clear set of employees to step back and say: ‘is what we do in alignment with what we’d say we’d do?’
  • As employees make the progression into leadership, you have to upskill them to deal with people and processes
  • Don’t expect people to do what they don’t want to, help them find their unique fit in a cohesive workplace


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Mikey’s Twitter: @mikeyellis13


“The key to a successful company is having the right people in the right time working for the right thing. It’s all about the people.”


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