Ep 23: Getting out of the way of innovation – Dom Price

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Dom Price


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About this conversation
Innovation is the buzzword of the moment, and let’s be honest, as an economy and society, we’re pretty terrible at it.

So let’s dissect, talk myths, and then talk action.


More About The Speaker
Born to Joy in the harsh Manchester winter of ’77. Well travelled, slight maverick who always speaks his mind. Currently, the Team Doctor and Head of R&D at Atlassian, the Australian tech company that breaks the mould.


Conversation Notes

  • Innovation exists in the right environment: we need to create the space, time and freedom to explore that.
  • Most organisations dangle the carrot, but they stop people getting it. Experiment and engage in your pursuits to overcome the barriers.
  • Organisations need to match the right people with the right environment – and that’s a two-way process.
  • The challenge for diversity is finding the right proxities, without making it tokenist.
  • The key to a successful and high performing team is balance.
  • Selfless leadership: the best leaders are creating leaders, who are creating leaders.


Dom’s Linkedin: Dominic Price

Dom’s Twitter: @domprice


“You have to not only be willing to be wrong, but assume you’re wrong and be passionate about it. Argue like you’re right, listen like you’re wrong.”


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