Ep 24: 2050: Feeding The Next 2 Billion – Mark Zawacki

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Mark Zawacki


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About this conversation
The world’s population is currently 7.6 billion inhabitants, which according to WHO is expected to increase dramatically to approximately 9.8 billion inhabitants by 2050. That’s a lot of new mouths to feed and those hockey stick growth projections we all saw as kids is now actually happening.

In this talk, Mark will address the myriad of severe challenges in feeding ‘the next 2 billion’ people, some emerging solutions with their respective advantages & disadvantages, and the worldwide leadership imperative required to address such a truly global challenge.


More About The Speaker
Mark Zawacki is an advisor, researcher and investor. Based in San Francisco, he’s worked in over 80 counties to date in a wide variety of sectors including financial services, retail, media, telco, manufacturing, healthcare & pharmaceuticals and government. He has spent a considerable amount of time in the past few years researching the global agriculture sector and assessing it’s state of readiness to feed 9.8B inhabitants. Mark has previously resided in Australia (twice) and remains a very frequent visitor. His Australian clients have included CBA, Telstra, AMP, the NRMA, Challenger, Clearview Financial, Financial Wisdom and Colonial First State. He’s also been an Advisor to Cure Brain Cancer Foundation in Australia.


Conversation Notes

  • As countries get richer they consume more resource-heavy foods – thus placing more pressure on the global food distribution system.
  • The solution stems from two markets: which production methods could assist an increase in supply or which consumption means could manage demand?
  • An assessment of the scalability and viability of initiatives such as rooftop gardens, container farms, vertical farms and urban farms is often overlooked.
  • In the last five years there’s been dramatic improvement decision-making but going forward, solving the waste problem is not addressing the issue.
  • “On an individual level, if we all ate lower on the food chain – it would have a profound impact on the health of the world population”.


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“We need to ask ourselves, how do we lessen the impact of what we do to this Earth day by day.”


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