During the Renaissance, Florence was more than just a city; it was a beacon of human potential.

It was a nexus where art, science, philosophy, mathematics, literature, engineering, architecture, and music converged to reimagine the world.

Today, we see that opportunity again. The opportunity to reconsider our world by orchestrating a future where Renaissance principles – diversity of thought, connection, curiosity, and growth – are seamlessly woven into our daily lives. A future where our everyday conversations inspire change, our meetings lead to lifelong collaborations, and every individual feels a sense of belonging. A sense of togetherness. A sense of shared progress.

Whether you find yourself in one of our meticulously designed Work Clubs, dining in our curated restaurants, drinking in our concept bars, browsing our retail boutiques, or attending our events, you’ll encounter Florence Guild at every touchpoint.

Today, Florence Guild is on a mission to reignite a renaissance spirit in the modern world.

At a time where individualism too often overshadows the collective, where digital interactions too often overshadow genuine human connections, Florence Guild is filling a critical void. We curate spaces and experiences that champion the power, and outcome of togetherness. Because history teaches us that true renaissance, true progress, is not created in isolation, but in the meeting of minds.

Influenced by our founder’s Nordic roots, we create spaces and experiences where ideas flourish, interactions are meaningful, cultures merge, and disciplines intertwine. Because we know that when this happens, the world is better for it.


The business started when Soren realised that we were more disconnected than we had ever been, and the buildings and spaces we were spending our time in were designed to close us off and box us in, instead of bringing us together. And so Florence Guild was born, a business designed to inspire a renaissance in how we live, work and connect.

A thought-leader on innovation and the new work culture, Soren Trampedach has an impressive 20-year career in leadership positions around the globe. Founding Work Club in 2013, he continues to provide consultancy on workplace optimisation to industry leaders such as Google, Deloitte, NAB, Standard Chartered Bank and Facebook.

A truly international citizen, Soren has lived and worked in Denmark, England, Germany, Ireland, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and now Australia.