Established in the exquisite surrounds of Work Club, Australia’s most forward-thinking workspace, Florence Guild was conceived by Soren Trampedach, former commercial designer for Google and Microsoft and a thought leader on innovation and the future of business.

Featuring speakers such as Rachel Botsman (thought leader on the collaborative economy), Lisa Messenger (Founder, Collective Hub), Roy Green (Dean, UTS Business School), the salon-style events are held after-hours mid-week in Sydney and Melbourne. Members are also empowered to connect and explore in one on one sessions and at facilitated lunch and dinners series with the Work Club community. Florence Guild also produces a podcast and video series for the wider community.

In 2017, the narrative evolves. Antidisciplinary is the philosophy behind this year’s Florence Guild, and the lens through which the community examines monthly themes such as Politics, Education and Emergence. Antidisciplinary is stepping outside of traditional systems, disciplines and industries and creating new paths through an ever changing landscape.

With partners including TEDxSydney, TEDxMelbourne, Melbourne Theatre Company, The School of Life and Virgin Australia, Florence Guild brings some of our brightest thinkers to the intimacy of Work Club, further providing members with valuable insights to thrive in tomorrow’s world.


To ensure new ideas, fresh perspectives and a diversity of thought leaders Florence Guild is privileged to partner with a variety of groups including TEDx, The School of Life and Melbourne Theatre Company.

Florence Guild shares its ideas and its community with other like minded groups to ensure great content, fresh ideas and fresh perspective.