Our Work Clubs have redefined what work can be. Here, work is elevated, service is refined, design is bespoke, and connections are deepened. Step into a renaissance of work.

Designed around a unique workplace philosophy, our Work Clubs represent a new era in working – an era where work is more connected, curious and convenient.


Located in the heart of Melbourne, our restaurant Freyja offers a contemporary approach to Australian dining. Executive Chef Jae Bang fuses classic techniques with new culinary philosophies, and the result is a multi-sensory dining experience.

Influenced by Nordic design principles and housed in one of Melbourne’s most beautiful heritage buildings, at Freyja quality and ambiance combine in harmony to create an unforgettable experience.


A modern take on a Scandinavian style underground bar, Valhalla is a doorway to an after-work haven. With Nordic design accents, and a menu that harnesses the freshness & creativity of local producers, it provides the ultimate setting for intimate encounters and real conversations – a place to relax and to indulge.


At Sagas, our café-meets-retail boutique, we take you on a journey by curating carefully crafted products that tell a story and allow you to express yours through the way you dress, work, live and love. Sip your coffee and soak up the atmosphere at our Scandi-inspired hideaway.

Discover Conferences & Events

Florence Guild is the ideal destination for entertaining and cultivating your most important relationships.

With a variety of options available, from shared workspaces and large boardrooms to intimate lounges and restaurant dining spaces, we cater to all event requirements.

Whether it’s a business meeting or a special occasion, the dedicated team provide personalised service to help organise and execute unforgettable events at our carefully curated venues.


Our dedicated front-of-house Concierge expertly facilitates interactions within our precincts. We make it effortless for tenants, visitors, and members of our Work Clubs to engage in collaborative opportunities, forge meaningful connections, and immerse themselves in our vibrant and productive communities.

Our front-of-house Concierge are experts in understanding the entire precinct, its services and programming.